Decision Quality for Leaders

A 12-Hour Online Learning Experience for Executive Leaders in Your Organization

The core function of leaders is to assure the quality of the decisions that shape the future of their organizations. But how do you know whether your decisions are good ones? Good decisions are a big challenge when facing market dynamics and risk, made even more difficult by the need to gain alignment and commitment from others. And yet, leading organizations are doing this successfully by applying the concepts of Decision Quality (DQ). Now SDG has developed a new online/virtual course on DQ designed especially for decision makers and corporate leaders within an organization.

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DQ for Leaders is a 12-hour, four-week, online interactive learning experience for executive teams, drawing from the disciplines of business, engineering, psychology, organizational behavior, and decision science.

Participants work individually and as a team to learn how to make measurably better decisions and become more effective contributors in management groups, boards of directors, and cross-functional teams.

In addition, the course describes how leading organizations implement DQ as a corporate-wide process (Organizational Decision Quality) so that value is not left on the table.

Who Should Attend
Executives, division heads, directors, heads of decision support organizations, and others with significant leadership responsibilities and the drive to improve decision-making in the organization. Members of decision bodies who attend as a team will see marked improvement in their decision making.

Course Content
Week 1: Introduction to the Decision Quality Framework; Appropriate Frame
Week 2: Creative and Doable Alternatives; Clear Values and Trade-offs
Week 3: Relevant and Reliable Information; Sound Reasoning
Week 4: Gaining Commitment to Action; Bringing it All Together


Course Structure
Each week starts with short, engaging video lectures to explore the DQ topics that are critical for decision makers. These videos can be watched on your own schedule. At the end of each week, participants engage in a 90-minute virtual, real-time workshop with case-based practice in judging the quality of a strategic decision, identifying gaps in DQ, and developing ways to fill the gaps.

Participants engage directly with an experienced decision professional who provides coaching and feedback in the workshops. Participants will also explore how the DQ topics apply to the decisions currently being made in their organization. Course materials, communications, and assignments are in English.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the six requirements of Decision Quality.
  • Understand and know how to judge the quality of a decision before you make it (not just in hindsight).
  • Learn to diagnose the nature of a decision and choose an appropriate process, while avoiding biases, especially the five megabiases.
  • Become familiar with the most useful tools and displays for decision makers.
As a result, your team will be equipped to guide decision teams and make better decisions in your organization.


Workshops are held once a week as virtual discussions led by an experienced decision professional. The 90-minute weekly sessions are held at a time chosen to fit the schedules of the participating team.


Technical Requirements
  1. The lecture videos are hosted on Vimeo. Please check that you can access https://vimeo.com through your company VPN or home Internet.
  2. Your browser should be updated to:
    • Google Chrome, Version 35 or newer
    • Mozilla Firefox, Version 30 or newer (with Adobe Flash, Version 14.0 or newer)
    • Apple Safari, Version 7.0 or newer
    • Internet Explorer, Version 10.0 or newer
  3. JavaScript and cookies should be enabled.
  4. The virtual workshops will be conducted through Zoom. Please take a moment to join a test meeting from your computer to make sure it can run Zoom properly.
  5. The audio for the virtual workshops will be through VOIP. Please have a headset with a microphone for your computer.